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View liquid precipitation forecasts under the 5-day hourly and 10-day weather data charts on any location screen, along with hourly snowfall rates.

The "Precipitation" weather forecast data is the amount of forecasted hourly or daily liquid precipitation. This would be the amount of liquid precipitation you would measure if you melted all of the snowfall.

  • Snow is blue
  • Rain is green
  • Mixed precip (snow/rain) is purple

These forecast data variables are extremely useful when tracking the intensity of incoming storms for your favorite ski resort, backcountry location, home neighborhood, or even for your current location.

1) Go to any location screen and tap “Hourly Forecast For 5 Days” to view hourly precipitation and snowfall rates.

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2) Scroll down and tap “Full 10-Day Forecast” to view the daily precipitation forecast for each day and night period.

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View all of our weather forecast data on any device by upgrading to All-AccessThe subscription includes 5-day hourly forecasts, 10-day snow forecasts, estimated conditions, and much more.