Every feature from OpenSummit is available in OpenSnow.

This includes forecasts in a format that you're used to, estimated trail conditions, wildfire smoke maps, and more.

With the All-Access subscription, you receive...

  • Forecasts Anywhere on Earth
  • 10-Day Snow Forecasts
  • 5-Day Hourly Forecasts
  • Full Daily Snow Forecast
  • Daily Snow Email Delivery
  • Live & Forecast Radar
  • Historical Weather
  • Estimated 24-Hour Snow Reports
  • Estimated 24-Hour Snowfall Map
  • Estimated Season Snowfall
  • Estimated Snow Depth Map
  • Estimated Trail Conditions
  • Cloud Cover Map
  • Wind Gust Map
  • Temperature Map
  • Wildfire Smoke Forecast Maps
  • Real-Time Lightning Map
  • Custom Snow Forecast Alerts
  • Favorite & Offline Trail Maps
  • Favorite & Timelapse Cams
  • Snowpack Graphs & Analysis
  • Historical Snow Reports
  • Offline Satellite & Terrain Maps
That's year-round weather coverage for all of your adventures in the OpenSnow app.

We are happy to help with any questions about this transition. Send an email to hello@opensnow.com