We recently announced that our summer service, OpenSummit, will be retired and merged into OpenSnow.

As part of this merge, now in OpenSnow, you can use the new "Weather" tab on the Favorites screen (1) and any location screen (2) to focus on summer and trail weather forecasts.

The Weather tab can be found on the second menu bar from the top of the screen, just left of the "Snow Summary" tab.

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Favorites Screen

Once you select the Weather tab on your Favorites screen, a 10-day forecast will be displayed for each of your favorites with the forecast high/low temperature.

Color-coded icons are also displayed when inclement weather is possible or expected, and a gray weather symbol is displayed when little to no weather impacts are expected.

You can swipe left and right across the screen to view forecasts out to 10 days.

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Icons and Colors

Here are what the symbols mean:

  • Blue snowflake: Snow 
  • Purple precipitation: Mixed snow/rain
  • Yellow raindrop: 25-50% chance of rain
  • Orange raindrop: 50-75% chance of rain
  • Red raindrop: >75% chance of rain
  • Yellow wind icon: Moderate wind (10-20 mph sustained, or gusts of 20-30 mph)
  • Orange wind icon: Strong wind (20-40 mph sustained, or gusts of 30-50 mph) 
  • Red wind icon" Severe wind (40+ mph sustained, or gusts of 50+ mph)
  • Yellow lightning icon: Low risk (but still a chance) of lightning
  • Orange lightning icon: Moderate risk of lightning
  • Red lightning icon: High risk of lightning

Location Screen

To view a more detailed forecast for any of your Favorites under the Weather tab, tap on the location. You can also view forecasts for locations not in your Favorites by tapping the Search button at the bottom of the app, or by topping on the Maps button at the bottom of the app and pointing & clicking anywhere on the map.

In the "Weather" tab for any location, you can view 10-day and hourly forecasts for...

  1. Chance of Precipitation
  2. Lightning Potential
  3. Temperature
  4. Wind Direction & Speed
  5. Cloud Cover
You can swipe left and right between each of these 5 forecast views to select which one you want to view.

Chance of Precipitation

This forecast view displays the probability of precipitation per hour, ranging from 0% to 100%. Green-colored bars denote rain as the expected precipitation type, purple-colored bars denote mixed precipitation (rain/snow mix, sleet, or freezing rain), and blue-colored bars denote snow.

Below the hourly bar, there are also boxes that show our forecasted precipitation totals during this 24-hour window. Forecast rainfall for the 24-hour period is denoted in the green box labeled "Rain" on the left side.

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Forecast snowfall for the 24-hour period is denoted in the blue box labeled "Snow" on the right side. Forecast liquid-equivalent precipitation associated with non-accumulating snowfall, a rain/snow mix that does not result in snow accumulations, or sleet/freezing rain is denoted in the purple box in the middle.

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Lightning Potential

This forecast view displays the relative lightning potential per hour. Short gray bars indicate no lightning potential for a given hour. Yellow bars indicate a "low" chance of lightning for a given hour, orange bars indicate "some" chance, and red bars indicate a "high" chance.

The height of the bars also depict the relative difference in lightning potential by hour, with higher bars indicating greater lightning potential for a given hour compared to lower bars. 

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This view displays the forecast air temperature per hour. 

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Wind Direction & Speed

This view displays the hourly forecasts for...

  1. The direction the wind is blowing from.
  2. Sustained wind speed (blue bar).
  3. Wind gusts (red bar).
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Cloud Cover

This view displays the forecast cloud cover percentage per hour, meaning the percentage of the sky expected to be obscured by clouds. 

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This forecast data is updated hourly and is available to All-Access subscribers.