All-Access subscribers can favorite 5 "custom" locations.

A "custom" location is somewhere that is not a "named" location that is saved in our system.

An example of a "custom" location is dropping a pin on your house or a remote spot in the backcountry. You can favorite 5 of these custom locations.

An example of a "named" location is a known city like "Truckee, CA", a known ski area like "Alta", or a popular mountain like "Mount Elbert". Our system has 4,000 possible locations to choose from including cities, ski areas, and popular mountains and parks.

Free and All-Access subscribers can favorite 100 locations in total with up to five of these locations being "custom" locations.

We limit the number of favorite locations and custom locations to ensure that our system quickly returns the weather data that you're looking for. In the future, it is possible that we will increase these limits.