Our price increased to $29.99 USD for new subscribers in 2020, and we've kept you on the original pricing (introduced in 2014) as a thank-you for being a long-time customer. 

All subscription renewals on or after January 1, 2024, will renew at the $31.99 USD price and there will continue to be inflation-adjusted price increases every year moving forward.

Our product has improved quite a bit since 2014, including extensive investments into our proprietary snow and weather forecast data, the ability to get the forecast anywhere on Earth, high-resolution weather maps, and much more.

Below are answers to a few common questions about the price change and thank you so much for your continued support!

How will I be notified about the price change?

We will send you an email with details about the price change 14 days before your next renewal date.

You can also go to Settings > Subscription to verify your renewal date, status, and your All-Access plan price.

What if I didn't see the email about the price change?

If you did not see the email, please confirm that the email address associated with your account is correct by going to Settings > Your Profile.

Where can I compare All-Access plans and prices?

You can compare our current plans and pricing and change plans at any time.

Can I keep the $19 plan price?

Out of fairness to all of our subscribers, the $19 plan will no longer be available.
Still have questions?

Send an email to hello@opensnow.com and we'll reply as soon as possible.