OpenSnow uses your phone's location to find ski resorts and mountains near you, along with the weather and estimated conditions for your current location.

Your privacy and personal information are incredibly important to us and we will never sell or share your location information.

You can enable or disable location services by following these steps:

Via iOS app

  1. Tap your phone's 'Settings' (not in the OpenSnow app)
  2. Tap 'Privacy' and turn on 'Location Services'
  3. Tap 'OpenSnow'
  4. Tap 'While Using the App' to allow location access for OpenSnow

Via Android app

  1. Tap your phone's 'Settings' (not in the OpenSnow)
  2. Tap 'Apps'
  3. Tap 'OpenSnow'
  4. Tap 'Permissions'
  5. Toggle the on/off switch to the ON position (if needed)