These changes rolled out in December 2021.

We appreciate your support and thanks in advance for skimming this FAQ.

Quick Summary

What changed?

  • There will be no banner advertisements on the OpenSnow app and website.
  • Everyone will need an account to use OpenSnow.
  • Everyone will receive a free trial of All-Access.
  • Following the free trial, if you choose not to purchase All-Access, the information that you see for free will be more limited than what was previously available.

What freely available information will be more limited?

  • For Daily Snow posts, the summary will be available to read for free, and reading the full post will require All-Access.
  • On your Favorites screen, comparing the 1-5 day and 6-10 day total snow forecasts will now be available for free, and comparing the forecast for each day will require All-Access. Resort-reported data will remain freely available, such as the 24-hour new snowfall, base depth, and the % of runs and trails open.
  • For each location, most information in the 10-day forecast will now be available to see for free (like the temperature, wind speed, cloud cover, the snow level, and colored 'alert' boxes for powder, windy, and rainy conditions). Seeing the detailed snow forecast for each of the next 10 days and nights will require All-Access.

Why are we making these changes?

In short, because we want to nudge long-time supporters to purchase All-Access:-)

The world has changed a lot in the past 10 years since we first launched OpenSnow, and now most people (even our parents!) are used to paying for apps and digital services that they enjoy.

During the last decade, we’ve built a team and upgraded our technology to help lead all of us to great snow, and this includes features such as developing our own forecast system, gathering our own group of local snow forecasters, and pulling snowfall, snow report, and mountain cams into one fast-to-check service.

Looking forward, we’d love to do even more for you, like offer our forecasts for any location you pick on a map, produce our own high-resolution forecast models, and bring on more local commentary. More people purchasing All-Access will help us to accomplish these goals.

What is not changing?

You’ll continue to receive our free 2-3x per week storm updates via email and we’ll keep obsessing over every detail on our app and website to ensure you can plan ahead for powder days. On the business side, we are still run by a small team of meteorologists, forecasters, and developers who are excited to create more and better features for you.

More Details

I currently do not have an account. What changes for me?

When you go to our apps or websites, you’ll be asked to create an account using your email and a ‘magic’ link (no password required). Once you confirm your email, you’ll receive a free trial of All-Access. After the free trial, if you don’t want to purchase All-Access, you’ll still be able to see some information for free.

I currently have a free account. What changes for me?

When you go to our apps or websites, you’ll be asked to sign in and start your free trial of All-Access (no credit card required). After the free trial, if you don’t want to purchase All-Access, you’ll still be able to see some things for free, though freely available information will be more limited than what you see in your current free account.

I currently have an All-Access account. What changes for me?

Nothing! Your current All-Access account and renewal price will not change through at least the summer of 2022.

How long is the free trial?

It can vary based on the promotions that we run. If you feel like you need more time to see if All-Access is right for you, please email us:

Do I need a credit card for the free trial?


Do I need a password when logging in?

Nope! Instead of a password, you’ll click a link in an email that we send you, and that’s how you’ll log in. There will be no need to remember or write down a password. Though, if you want to set a password, that will still be an option.

Can I still use OpenSnow for free?

Yes! If after your free trial you decide that All-Access is not for you, then you're welcome to continue using OpenSnow for free. What you'll see for free will be more limited than in the past (see above). And if you'd like a longer free trial to check things out, email and will help you out.

Will my price increase as an All-Access subscriber?

Nope! Your current price will not change through at least the summer of 2022.

By the way, what is All-Access?

Purchasing All-Access provides you unlimited access to snow and weather focused data and maps, comparisons between mountains, write-ups from local forecasters, and more. This list shows the All-Access features. Upgrade to All-Access here.

An Insider Look At Our Business

How does OpenSnow make money?

Our revenue comes from people purchasing All-Access and from companies paying to place advertisements in our email newsletter. The majority of our revenue comes from individuals purchasing All Access, and our goal is for our most ardent visitors to support us directly via the purchase of All-Access. We also very much appreciate the support of the ~100 advertisers that we work with each season.

Who runs OpenSnow?

We are run by a small team of meteorologists, forecasters, and developers who have helped to start and grow the company. You might have a favorite local forecaster, but they don't do everything! It takes a solid team behind this person to make the app and website that you rely on each day. Also, we’ve heard a lot of lift-line rumors that a big company owns OpenSnow – don’t believe everything you hear in the lift line:-)

Did someone tell you to make these changes to increase revenue?

Nope. We’ve been thinking about this for years, and we decided to act this season. As Warren Miller said, “If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do.” After 10 years in business, we felt like this is the right time to simplify our sign-up process and nudge long-time supporters to purchase All-Access.

We understand that an All-Access subscription won't make sense for everyone, and that's why some parts of OpenSnow will remain freely available. But, for everyone on our team, we find the most motivation and excitement around working for the people that love what we do, so we're hoping that you'll become an All-Access subscriber.

How does OpenSnow use revenue from All-Access?

We hire top-notch people to develop the forecasts and technology that you use each day. We run a lean company, spend money wisely, and our business is profitable. In the future, we’d like to hire a few more people to do things like build high-resolution forecast models, improve our graphics and visualizations, and one day, to develop our own sources of snow and weather data to fill in the numerous gaps in the mountains.

Emotional Support

Why can't OpenSnow be free? After all, we are all just a community of snow-loving folks, right?

We didn't start the business to get rich, we started it because we love forecasting snow and riding powder. But living isn’t free (house, food, skis, skins, avalanche safety gear, etc). And running a website and an app isn’t free (salaries, hosting, data, etc). So we think it's ok to ask people to pay a reasonable amount of money for something that they enjoy.

But, I hate this change. I have loved OpenSnow and now this really makes me mad.

We are sorry you feel that way, really, we are. OpenSnow’s products have evolved a LOT in 10 years (tons of new features and technology) and the business is evolving as well. Our goal is to be around for decades to come and to have a business model that brings in enough money to support innovation and a top-notch service.

I have questions and/or just want to vent.

Email and a real human will respond to your questions and read your thoughts. We sincerely appreciate the chance to have a (kind) conversation via email and are open to any feedback and advice that you wish to share.